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Department of Microbiology



    The vision is to provide a distinguished academic program similar to the programs offered by the regional and international universities, and to transform the department in its branches (microbiology and applied microbiology) into a center of excellence for teaching, training and scientific research.



The Letter


    The department is committed to provide specialized programs that meet the needs of the market and to contribute to the rehabilitation of students, providing them with the necessary skills to meet the needs of the community, in addition to the improvement and development of these programs to cope with continuous changes to the needs of the market.






    The department aims to have graduate students as cadres involved in the field of microbiology, especially its applied and pathology disciplines for the purpose of working in institutions (health, industrial, agricultural, environmental, and others). In addition, the department aims to support scientific research and to link microbiology and its relation to other sciences for the purpose of reinforcing the society and the environment.




Study and Certificate System Granted


    The period of study in the department is four years with the two-week spring break and the two-month summer break. The department awards a bachelor's degree in microbiology after the student prepares a systematic scientific preparation that qualifies him/her to keep abreast of the technical progress in the field of scientific research and to provide service to the public and the private sectors as well.



The department includes two sections:


1 - Microbiology Pathology Section 

2- Applied Microbiology Section 


The specialization starts at the beginning of the third preparatory year. 


Job Description: Microbiologist Assistant 

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