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Department of Medical Physics 




    The University aims to building and qualifies an integrated scientific department based on scientific experiments distinguished in harmony with the labor market, meet the needs of scientific institutions and follow scientific methods to keep pace with competing similar departments in local and international universities and based on the regulations of the Ministry. 




The Letter



    The letter of the department is to give a new addition and quality in the field of medical physics through the use of the latest methods and methods of scientific methodology studied in qualitative and distinctive research, modern medical laboratories. The methods are used by academic staff to qualify specialists in medical physics with a high degree of scientific skill and technical contribution to meet the needs of the labor market and master this field. 







    The department aims to have graduate and qualified students as cadre specialized in the field of medical physics with the ability to provide medical services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of high quality (medical imaging using X-ray, MRI, radiation therapy, and other related fields) as well as contributing to the development of scientific research and health. It also aims to introduce and formulate new concepts in scientific research and to have the ability to work in the field health, providing administrative and scientific skills in this area.



Job Description: Medical Physicist Assistant




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