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SCI Missions & Goals

College Vision


             The vision of the college is to lead in education and scientific research to achieve creativity and knowledge integration in various scientific disciplines through openness and communication with health, research and educational institutions related to the competences of the college.




College Message


            The commitment of the college is to prepare specialists in the sciences (microbiology and medical physics) with a focus on providing services that improve the skills of qualified graduates to meet the needs of health, research and educational institutions in Iraq.




College Objectives



1 - Providing excellent learning opportunities to have graduate cadres specialized in the fields of microbiology and medical physics.


2 - This college is established to qualify graduate students to work in health and educational institutions and scientific research in the medical specialties health support through the adoption of programs combining the basic health sciences and medical expertise.


3 - Establishing the foundations of cooperation with state institutions and civil society through the establishment of conferences, seminars and training courses.


4 - Cooperation with the colleges inside and outside Iraq through the exchange of scientific experiences among the instructors and the establishment of workshops and research missions.


5 – Giving endeavors to reach the international standards and achieve the comprehensive quality that achieves outstanding educational processes.

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