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The College of Science participates in the activities of the Scientific Innovations Exhibition, Ministry...

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Updated   29/01/2022 11:37 AM

Al-Karkh University of Science/College of Science participated in the Scientific Innovations Exhibition 2022, in the presence of the President of the University, Prof. Thamer Abdel Amir Hassan, and a number of staff and students. at the Ministry of Sports and Youth in the Youth city, with wide participation from various universities.


The participation included a presentation of a number of innovations by students of the Al-Karkh University of Science in several fields and a presentation of patents for a number of university affiliates.


Dr. Thamer Al-Kadhimi said, during his briefing on the students' innovations, that the student's quest for innovation in his field of specialization qualifies him to be the world of the future.


He added, "I urge you and help you to harness the capabilities of the university in your innovations and inventions, and there will also be room to market the quality of them, praising their efforts and the efforts of the teaching staff supervising the achievement of these innovations".


It is noteworthy that the number of participating universities, 25 Iraqi universities distributed on the map of the country, and more than 300 advanced scientific innovations, in the fields of engineering, medical sciences, laboratories, agriculture, lasers, space sciences, and others.


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