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Seminar at the Faculty of Science on Quorum Sensing

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Updated   18/04/2019 6:05 PM

The Faculty of Science / Microbiology Department organized a seminar entitled "Quorum Sensing" on Thursday 18/04/2019 at Al-Karkh University of Science / Faculty of Science / Microbiology Department Hall in the presence of a number of the faculty staff of the Medical Physics and Microbiology departments.


The seminar was presented by Dr. Rawa Abdul Rida Aziz Department of Microbiology. Where the subject was talking about how to communicate between microorganisms, especially bacteria, and the effect of this phenomenon on the formation of chronic diseases. It is worth noting the many benefits and also the existence of this special language, which is a unique phenomenon among beneficial insects such as honey bees as well as ants.


The goal of this seminar was to clarify and define the unique phenomenon of bacteria and insects, where this unique phenomenon was discovered.


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