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Workshop on coding lab equipment

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Updated   21/03/2019 11:53 AM

The establishment of a workshop entitled "Marking the laboratory equipment unified", which was organized on Tuesday, 19/3/2019 in the presence of a number of university professors.


Where the workshop was presented by Dr. Hiba Shaker Department of Microbiology, the workshop included the following axes:

1- Definition of the coding system as a basic and important part of the requirements of the educational laboratory (GLP) in accordance with the quality classification form for the educational laboratories organized by the supervision and scientific evaluation department/quality assurance department and academic accreditation/laboratory reliability department.

2- A detailed explanation of the coding form and an explanation of how the unified laboratory equipment coding is designed at the ministry's site/laboratory reliability department.

3 - Recommendations for the need to speed up the process of laboratory equipment in the colleges of the University of Karkh Sciences to improve the quality of our laboratories and the seriousness of these laboratories.


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