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Workshop Courses at the Faculty of Science

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Updated   16/03/2019 4:43 AM

A workshop was organized on Wednesday 13/10/2019 at the Faculty of Science in the presence of the Dean of the Assistant President and Dean of the Faculty of Science dr. Raed Nofi and a number of professors of the Faculty of Physics and Medical Microbiology, where the workshop was given by the head of Microbiology Department dr. Mustafa Abdel-Hussein Abdel-Amir and dr. Asma Sami Ibrahim.


Where details were given on the system of courses and its importance and how to work and the distribution of units of study for each article, where the system was taken from the University of Basra as a model to be studied in detail and details of the system accurately. It was also confirmed to start this system from the year 2019-2020 in order to raise Al-Karkh University of Science to the global levels.


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